Biomechanics of Volleyball

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1.0 Abstract
The purpose of this experiment is to analyze the efficiency and technique of the students over arm volleyball serve after the use of biomechanical principles has been applied. In order to complete the experiment the student performed a pre and post test which was evaluated by the program Dartfish and a serving indicator test to assess the changes and improvements of the students technique and performance of the over arm serve. It was found that by applying the three biomechanical principles to the students serve the technique improved from the pre test to the post test as the serve became stronger, faster and longer.
2.0 Introduction
The intention of this report is to use the principles of biomechanics to analyze the
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The last biomechanical principle that was applied over the term of learning to improve the efficiency of the student’s volleyball serve technique was projectile motion.
The program Dartfish is used to give a thorough analysis of the over-arm serve to assist in the evaluation of physical performance and biomechanics within the skill. It is utilized to track movements of joints, the angle in which the ball has been hit, how high the ball has been thrown and to analyse the pre and post test and ideal server.
The Indicator 1: Serving Performance Test is a used to see how much the student has improved over the time of the skill acquisition of the volleyball serve by comparing results from the pre and post test serving performance. The aim of this test is to objectively measure performance of the students over-arm serve. The student performed six over-arm serves from any position on the volleyball baseline and each serve was scored objectively based on the landing position of the ball (refer appendix __) out of a possible five marks. Any serve hitting fixtures or landing out received no score. Individual serves were scored and the total score was then added to indicate a level of achievement (LoA).
4.0 Statement of Findings/Results
Using the Dartfish Program the students post and pre test of the serve was

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