Biomechanics of Wrestling Suplex

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The origins and history of wrestling date back as far as 15,000 years with depictions of wrestling found in cave drawings in France. Wrestling is one of the oldest historical sports rivaled only by track and field, and has been seen in ancient literature and games of Greece and early Egypt. The most notable influence of wrestling comes from the Olympics, where it was introduced in 708BC . There are many forms of wrestling including Greco-Roman, Freestyle, Folk style, and Catch wrestling; all of which operate at different levels and have unique sets of rules. Freestyle wrestling is one of the most popular as it is employed at the high school, college, and Olympic level, where the ultimate goal is to throw and pin your opponent to the mat,…show more content…
|Flexion, Abduction, horizontal adduction | |Right Shoulder |Flexion, Abduction, horizontal adduction | |Left Elbow |Flexion | |Right Elbow |Flexion | |Left Wrist |Flexion | |Right Wrist |Flexion | [pic] |Left Ankle |Dorsiflexion | |Right Ankle |Dorsiflexion | |Left Knee |Flexion | |Right Knee |Flexion, | |Left

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