Biomedical And Health Informatics Have Been Increased Demand

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Biomedical and health informatics have been in increased demand. Bloomrosen (2010) indicated the barriers to universal access to quality and cost-effective care have contributed to such demand; consequently, many healthcare agencies have conducted research to provide up-to-date, and unbiased evidence on healthcare interventions. A wealth of available data is now available for meaningfully knowledge exploitation that can strengthen building and evidence creation, and ultimately improve clinical and preventive care (Bloomrosen, 2010). Evidence is a continuum process and through a circulatory practice approaches, it is generated into care at the bedside and back to the research system and this is made possible through many stakeholders and the health IT industry. Characteristics of the evidence continuum conceptualized model, according to Bloomrosen (2010) is generating of evidence, translating evidence for use in the delivery of patient care, disseminating and implementing evidence as well as adopting and assessing effectiveness of evidence-based interventions. Translating evidence by aggregation and synthesizes of research make clinical care result applicable.
Description of Selected Advanced Practice Translation of Evidence Beginning in the 1960‘s the nursing profession has been established as a science of art and the era of knowledge has begun. By the 1990‘s, the field of nursing required more than knowledge for efficient, effective and safe practice of patients.…
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