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Activity 1.1.5: ELISA |

Explain why antibodies allow scientists to target and identify specific disease agents. a. Antibodies allow scientists to target and identify specific disease agents because they bind to antigens to counteract them. The more antigens you have, the more antibodies you have, the more the of the virus/bacteria that there is in you.
Why is the secondary antibody used in an ELISA test conjugated with an enzyme? What happens when this enzyme meets up with its substrate? b. Attached to the secondary antibody is an enzyme such as peroxidase or alkaline phosphatase. These enzymes can metabolize colorless substrates (sometimes called chromagens) into colored products. After an incubation
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The darker their color the longer that they had been infected with the disease. After knowing their dilution, I could then categorize all 9 patients by the seriousness of the meningitis condition.
Discuss the limitations of using antigen concentration to deduce the path of infection. Be sure to refer to the workings of the human immune system. g. By using antigen concentration to deduce the path of infection, the body’s immune system may try to fight off the antigen invader. Therefore, a limitation may be that the results are a little skewed as some of the antigens may have been killed by the body’s defense. Also, each person is different, so the body’s response to these foreign objects would have varied.
The ELISA test can also be used to detect antibodies that are produced in response to a specific antigen. Using information about how you completed this ELISA experiment, outline a procedure for testing for antibodies in the blood. h. Add protein to the well i. Add antigens to the well i. Antigens will stick to the protein sites j. Add primary antibody ii. Antibody will attach to antigen k. Add secondary antibody with an enzyme attached to it l. Add indicator and color substrate m. Extract the antibody that is desired from ELISA experiment and study it
Explain why in sudden outbreaks, it may be better to test for
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