Biomedical Engineering: Stem Cells Essay

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Biomedical engineering has become a growing field over the past couple years. The new advances and research that stem from biomedical engineers can solve problems that would have never have been able to be solved before. Engineers have been working on new technology that will utilize stem cells in order to save lives and treat diseases. The stem cells that are used for treatment are called embryonic stem cells. Embryonic stem cells are formed from five-day old human embryos that the embryos are essentially human beings ("In Stem-cell Research” Para. 3). The usage of such stem cells has caused controversy because pro-life advocates believe lives are being taken away which embryonic stem cell usage. Despite the viewpoints of pro-life…show more content…
5). Biomedical engineers can also go to graduate school and even complete a PHD in the subject, however a bachelors degree is enough to be qualified for a job. Biomedical engineers need to have an understanding of biology, chemistry and physics to be able to carry out their work properly. Biomedical engineers also need to have communication skills to be able to work with different types of people. Biomedical engineers need various traits to be able to successfully complete their work. The work environments for Biomedical engineers can vary. Some may work in a lab while others can work in a hospital. Nevertheless all biomedical engineers must be able to communicate with doctors, nurses, engineers, etc. A typical Biomedical engineers will work full time, but they may also have to use extra time to consult with clients, and work on their projects. Biomedical engineers must be willing to spend time on their project for the greater good, even if it means having to work extra time. The average annual pay for a biomedical engineer in 2012 was $86,960, with the lower ten percent earing $52,600 and the top ten percent earing $139,450 annually ("Biomedical Engineers" Para. 1). The central objective of biomedical engineers is to develop and utilize technology to improve human life. One of the newer technologies being developed by biomedical engineers is a 3D bioprinting. A 3D printer is a computer run machine, which has the ability to print out objects layer by
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