Biomedical Equipment Specialists

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A Biomedical Equipment Specialist is someone who is responsible for servicing and maintaining the medical equipment. Biomedical Equipment Specialist has a huge responsibility to keep up with all medical equipment in hospitals, clinics, and other facilities. Their duties for their job have many responsibilities. Their responsibilities are important to the patients. Some medical equipment help keep patients alive or to monitor them. Biomedical Equipment Specialist are highly skilled and provide a duty that helps ensure that medical equipment is fully functional, and safe. There are requirements for a Biomedical Equipment Specialist in the military is listed as a Medical Equipment Repairer. The training that is required is ten weeks of basic combat training and forty one weeks of advanced individual training. This training also includes a practice test in repairing and replacing equipment parts. Part of that time is spent in the classroom and the other part is in the field. To qualify for the advanced individual training, the applicant must pass the ASVAB test with a 107 in aptitude area EL. The applicant must also have a normal color vision as well. These applicants must be able to install, inspect, maintain, calibrate, repair, modify, and even design biomedical equipment and support systems to make sure they adhere to stringent medical standard guidelines. Biomedical Equipment Technicians also educate and advise staff on basic physiological principles, theory of operation,
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