Biomedical Example

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Biomedical Example
Erika Steinebach
Beryl Keegan
HCS 335

Biomedical Example In 1995 Mickey Mantle received a liver transplant due to a failing liver caused by hepatitis and cirrhosis. He was a Baseball Hall of Fame center fielder for the New York Yankees. Even though the usual waiting period for a liver transplant in the United States is about 130 days, Mickey Mantle only had to wait two for the hospital to find an organ donor for him. It took only two days for the Baylor Medical Center’s transplant team to find an organ donor for the 63-year-old former baseball hero. According to the Southwest Organ Bank, Mantle was moved ahead of others on the list because of his deteriorating medical condition. But, many people
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Everyone should have to go through the proper channels and be approved to be placed on the transplant list. Then, they should have to wait until it is their turn to receive the donated organ. The only time that someone should be moved up on the list is if their condition rapidly deteriorates over the course of a couple of days and it is absolutely medically necessary to give them the organ first. That would be the only acceptable way that I could see someone being moved up on the list and I have heard of this happening before. On the other hand, I can also see why they would want the system to make exceptions for real heroes. But, when I say real heroes I mean real heroes and not celebrities that people consider their heroes. Heroes mean service men and women of the military, law enforcement officers, fire fighters, etc. Heroes should be considered people who fight to help protect the people around them, not someone who gets paid to be in the public or on TV. That to me is not a real hero. But yes, if we are talking about the heroes I listed above, I do believe that in an emergency situation they should be moved to the top of the list if the organ that is needed is readily available for them to have transplanted right away. But, they should also look at the patient’s medical history and note any complications that
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