Biomedical Informatics Internship

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My internship site is the Biomedical Informatics (BMI) Department at Stony Brook University Hospital. The Department of Biomedical Informatics has a mission to advance biomedical knowledge through advanced data science education and research. The department is involved in delivering innovative informatics research and applications that help improve both scientific knowledge and healthcare delivery. My internship involves me working under the Chief data officer of Stony Brook University Hospital. Before I get into my responsibility under the current project that I’m a part of, let me give you a little background information on the project. Stony Brook University Hospital (SBUH) is a member organization of Vizient. As a member of Vizient, SBUH is required to submit detailed administrative data on each patient discharge. The data that is submitted is then processed by Vizient to evaluate clinical outcomes and quality and rank hospitals throughout the US based on the quality provided by the hospital/organization. Also, due to differences in each inpatient hospitals patient population, every quality measure is risk adjusted. Currently, one of his projects involves creating an application in which the goal…show more content…
Through this internship, I am getting the exposure needed to develop in to a better health informatician. The learning environment that I get exposure to is starting to help me better understand how Informatics affects healthcare in real life. Till now, we had just read articles and studies that described the use of information technology in the healthcare setting. With on-site experience, not only are we learning the necessary skills needed to be successful healthcare professionals but we are also experiencing how individuals from all different departments in the hospital/organization come together and collaborate to help improve health
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