Biomedical Sciences Personal Statement

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Responsible for up to 70% of diagnoses, biomedical sciences are an essential part of the modern healthcare industry in order to properly ascertain the appropriate course of action in managing diseases. As an aspiring biomedical scientist, I want to become a part of that 70% and offer purposeful and practical support to the healthcare industry at its foundations. I believe I am right for biomedical sciences because I am interested in understanding biological systems and the underlying concepts of diseases at a higher level. I find it fascinating that innovations and discoveries in the biomedical field allow us to understand biological systems on a molecular level. My ambition is to work in a medical laboratory after graduating and perhaps specialize in a single discipline (e.g. medical microbiology or immunology). I have drawn enthusiasm from my current course…show more content…
I believe that university would also offer me a wealth of experiences, both challenges and opportunities, which would appropriately adjust me to living an independent life. To me the main appeal of science is the varied amount of topics supported by objective logic-based arguments and empirical reasoning. Yet even so, the ever-changing understanding of biomedical sciences shows that there is much more to learn. My ideology is that scientific and medical advances heavily change and shape the world around us - changes that require strong commitment and dedication. It is due to these scientific and medical innovations that we are able to live today as we do in an advanced, wealthy country. I look forward to the opportunity to study at your university where I intend to not only study a subject I am enthused about, but to also develop myself into an individual that can positively contribute to the institution and one day, society
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