Biomedical Waste Management

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INTRODUCTION The waste produced in the course of health care activities carries a higher potential for infection and injury than any other type of waste. Therefore it is essential to have safe and reliable method for its handling. Inadequate or improper handling of biomedical waste may have serious public health consequences and a significant impact upon environment. Appropriate management of health care waste is thus a crucial component of environmental health protection and it should become an integral feature of health care services. DEFINTION ‘’ Biomedical Waste can be defined as any waste, which is generated during the diagnosis, treatment, or immunisation of human beings, or animals or in research activities…show more content…
Any behavioural or physical symptoms of fatigue should be immediately brought to the attention of the authorities. ü EYEINJURY HAZARDS Fully enclosed safety eye cover should be routinely worn by all workers, handling biomedical waste specially, those working with incinerators.High temperature system carry the additional hazard of infrared radiation which can cause corneal cataract and blindness. ü NOISE POLLUTION Many biomedical waste treatment system can be noisy.Noise causes a serious health problem and can cause irreversible hearing loss due to long term exposure. SOURCES OF BIOMEDICAL WASTE § Government hospitals § Private hospitals§ Nursing homes§ Physician’s office/clinics§ Dentist’s office§ Dispensaries§ Primary health centres Medical research and training establishments|§ Blood banks § Animal houses§ Laboratories§ Research organisations§ Vaccine centres§ Bio-Technology institution § Slaughter houses | CLASSIFICATION OF BIOMEDICAL WASTE Waste category Description Infectious waste Waste suspected to contain pathogens Pathological waste Human tissues or fluids Sharps eg;needle scalpels, infusion sets, blades Pharmaceutical waste waste containing pharmaceuticals Genotoxic waste with genotoxic properties Chemical waste containing chemical substances Waste with high content of - batteries, broken thermometer, blood pressure -
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