Biomedical of Health

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The biomedical model of health states that the individual is not responsible for their illness and that the mind and body work independently from each other. Ogden J, (2004) However, for example, in the case of an individual who is suffering from an eating disorder i.e. bulimia, this indicates that there is a clear link between the mind and body due to the sufferer vomiting after ingesting food; therefore resulting in the sufferer being responsible for their physical illness due to psychological illness. The biomedical model also suggests that treatment is to change the physical state of the body and that only the medical profession can treat the sufferer but in this case; this would be very problematic due to the mind causing the…show more content…
This is through the biological (e.g. viruses, bacteria), psychological (e.g. behaviour) and social (e.g. employment, class) factors that can affect health. Ogden, J (2004).

The model aims to give the health professional an holistic view of the individual, therefore making prognosis easier and treatment can be varied through a more humane and emotional approach along side a medical approach.
Engel p, (cited in Munitz H, et al datastarweb online 2000) wrote a responding letter to Mr Greenberg; the editor of the paper written by Munitz et al, in the letter he states his father when alive argued that speech creates a pathway to information that would not be available by any other means which has a special value in understanding the individuals illness and disease.
I believe that the biopsychosocial model of medicine is a more human and emotional model that aims to understand and help the individual as a whole.

The application of psychology to health is beneficial to the individual by emphasizing the medical, psychological and social factors that contribute to the cause and effects of health and ill health.
Health professionals can analyse all the factors that can affect the individual’s well being and aim at treating the person as a whole. (i.e. Medical professionals can treat the medical factors, Counselling for psychological factors and Social workers/ Community workers for social factors).

Health psychology can be crucial in the promotion of health
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