Biomedical research on animals Essay

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Heart attacks, bladder failure, and lack of medical cures are all very serious problems that are killing people today. How can doctors learn more about these medical difficulties? Through animal testing doctors can obtain valid results regarding these medical problems and create cures for people with many other medical difficulties. The progression of medicine and the day to day life styles of the general population rely on the ethical practice of animal testing. The alternatives to animal testing are not very valid. “Artificial testing with computer simulations, have not reached a technological level at which these simulations can be trusted to give a valid results to experiments(3).” Also, human testing has many restrictions and…show more content…
For example a pigs urinary track is very similar to a human’s, a cats throat is similar to that of a child’s and a dogs heart is similar to that of a human’s as well. Currently, artificial bladder transplant in pigs are being preformed and perfected so that bladder failure is no longer life threatening. People with complete bladder failure will someday be able to receive a new artificial bladder and not die as a result of this fatal medical complication. Pediatricians are using cats for practice as to be able to recognize any complications in the throat of children before future problems can occur. Doctors, by giving a dog a controlled heart attack can keep the dog alive but also study what parts of the heart will suffer the most dependent on where the heart attack occurred. This will allow doctors to be able to prevent future complications for heart attack victims.
Yet, what are the alternatives to animal testing besides humans and why are they not as accountable? These alternatives can supplement work with live animals in some cases. “A tissue cultures for example, can help identify the potential toxicity or medical benefits of chemical compounds in the early stages of investigation. But compounds must also be tested on living systems-made up of interrelated organs and organ systems before they can be tried on human beings(3).” Tissue cultures allow for the study of nerves or establishing how many chromosomes are in the human cell. They can not simulate
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