Biometric Based Attendance System

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Research Assignment Objective: To develop biometric based attendance system for STM at different campuses based in Central London. Purpose: To provide accurate and efficient attendance recording system to keep track of students and provide attendance reports to home office. Scope: ▪ To conduct some research into different biometric devices. ▪ To acquire biometric finger print scanner devices ( terminals) ▪ To design and develop the network infrastructure to link the devices to the school database. ▪ To develop the interface software that reads students attendance from the biometric devices and updates the database as and when the students scan their finger. ▪ To generate PDF or Excel reports for top management and…show more content…
Write a two to four-page paper (double-spaced) with your findings about biometric devices, their advantages and disadvantages, citing at least two references. You can include a paragraph or two with your personal experience in this area, if applicable. 5 marks 2. Provide a spreadsheet showing type of staff, number of hours you have allocated them and the total cost. You also must include material cost as well in this. Note that you may not exceed the allocated funds. In case, if you exceed, how would you approach top management to request more funds. 5 marks 3. Identify the major tasks to be carried out in developing the entire system. You are not required to design the network and room’s layout plans for terminals to be mounted on the wall. However, this must be shown in the planning process. 10 marks 4. Identify the order of the tasks to be developed. Can some tasks be done in parallel (at the same time) or serially (one task must finish before the next task starts) and break down the major tasks to the lower levels
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