Biometric Data And Crucial Insensitive Data

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Biometric data and crucial insensitive data should be decentralized under one organization i.e. UIDAI and KYC (Know your Customer) norms of UIDAI should be replaced by Tokens. Whether linkage of Adhaar to PAN Cards Justified Recently the finance minister Mr. Arun Jaitley argued in parliament about the instances of same person using multiple PAN cards for filing Income Tax-Returns. The linkage of Adhaar to PAN card is still a proposal yet Government has traced the defect regarding multiple usages, this is the clear indication to fact that there exist multiple methods of catching these frauds even without Adhaar. This mindless and tendency of linkage is a huge failure as it had resulted in causing huge inconvenience to poor – old women are…show more content…
All subsidies and welfare schemes of government are delivered directly through Adhaar. Supreme Court in 2015 ruled out that UoI should widely declare that enrollment to Adhaar is not Mandatory but Voluntary. Person wishing to avail government welfare schemes and benefits may choose to be registered to Adhaar. Initially Adhaar Act prescribed use of data only for the purpose of availing PDS schemes, specifically comprising of distribution of Kerosene and LPG. Later MGNREGS, National Social Association Programme and Jana-dhana yojana were added and listed specifically under the ambit of project Adhaar. Supreme Court through its judgment has limited the area of accessibility of database safeguarded under Adhaar. Adhaar – a complete failure As subsidiary and other benefits schemes of Government were targeted to benefit the intended mass. Therefore, Government while declaring the boons of Adhaar keeps claiming that Adhaar in many forms had contributed to generation of savings among the intended beneficiaries. However, the claims of Government have proved false; one such illustration is as follows – Government initiated the linkage of Adhaar to LPGs, later it claimed that this linkage had proved fruitful as it has generated a huge amount of LPG savings ranging from 14,000 - 30,000 crore. However when proper analysis was recorded it was discovered that only 8% of such savings were affected because of Adhaar and rest were due to downfall in
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