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Biometric scanning system types and which one is more effectiveness in a workplace

Biometric recognition, or biometrics, refers to the automatic authentication of a person based on his or her physiological or behavioural characteristics (Jain, Bolle, and Pankanti 1999a; Maltoni, Maio, Jain, and Prabhakar 2003). One of the most important technologies which acts as a human being identify required purpose. Nowadays there were great progresses in technology of access for companies which it using human being body to identify the identity of the person. In the past Human beings used fingerprint to identity for signature. Biometric technology looks like a revolution for modern society for example, Iris and AFIS (Automatic Finger
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Iris is a biometric tool which is unique and complex device, the device provides with a camera look for the eyes of the person ,when it found the eyes the camera will take high quality image for the iris of the eyes. iris has disadvantage that is difficult to read and scan black eyes. But this problem can be solved easily by providing the iris with high quality of light source. Iris has the feature of high reliability and function than fingerprint for controlling process of access to a secured workplace Shoniregun and Stephen (2008) argues that the rate of correct of iris recognition is relative high compare with other solutions of biometrics. Lastly, it is a quickly biometric security scanning system. Therefore iris recognition scanning system is the best way to secure a workplace in terms of stability, fast and convenience and reliability to protect any workplace from criminal issues or breach.

Public acceptance
In the past people heard about Fingerprint scanning system and used to be shown only in films without applying this feature in real life while recently it has been existed in many companies and Government departments. For example there was a survey about the extant acceptance community for this device in U.S when a book store made the accessing of the store with fingerprint, 24 customers did the operation of fingerprint. The result was different opinion about the biometric scanning system but

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