Biometric Security Technology Essay

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Biometric Security Technology

You have seen biometric technology in the films Mission: Impossible and Gattaca. The technology has also graced the covers of many weekly news magazines. But many people, even though the technology has been widely talked about for the last half decade, are still surprisingly unaware of what biometrics are and why the technology is so important for computer security and personal identification.

Biometrics are automated methods of recognizing a person based on a physical or behavioral characteristic (2001). Essentially, biometric security technologies are used to accurately identify individuals on a unique trait. The most common biometric security techniques used currently are: signature
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How Biometric Security Technology Works One of the most important ways that biometric technology is impacting security lies within the confines of computer information systems. The government, the military, and large corporations need to have complete assurance that the data and information stored on their networks and databases are only available to users who have been authorized to view such material.

Biometric technology offers an alternative to the most used system currently in place in most operations: passwords or personal identification numbers (PIN). Instead of users inputting their password or PIN, users interact with a computer terminal that will scan their finger, face, voice, retina, etc. to identify them. Many of the next generation personal computer systems will have integrated biometric technology so that no external hardware is needed. In the mean time, users can buy small peripherals, like a mouse with integrated biometric technology or a small finger terminal for finger scans, to secure their personal computers.

Advantages of Biometric Security Technology Improved accuracy and improved convenience are two of the biggest benefits of biometric technology for personal identification. First, unlike passwords or PIN numbers, which can be used by anyone who knows the required information, biometrics looks at a
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