Biometrics : Biometrics And Biometrics

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1. Introduction Biometrics is a method of identifying an individual based on characteristics that they possess, typically physiological features such as a fingerprint, hand, iris, retina, face, voice, and even DNA. Some methods of biometrics security even use multiple physiological features or multimodal biometrics to provide superior security than a single form of biometrics can provide. Why are biometrics important in the field of information security? Biometrics provide a remarkable amount of security for information because biometrics are unique to each person, and thus cannot be lost, copied, or shared with another individual. This security allows for biometrics to provide a means to reliability authenticate personnel. The importance of biometrics can be further divided into the history of biometrics and why it was devised, past implementations of biometrics, current implementations of biometrics, and future implementations of biometrics. 2. Importance of Biometrics Biometrics are important to not only information systems, but to information security as a subject. Today, most information is kept secure via ID cards or secret information, such as a PIN, password, pattern, etc., the downside to this type of security is the lack of a failsafe (Ashok, Shivashankar and Mudiraj)! What would happen if an ID card was lost? Or a PIN, password or pattern was leaked to individuals who were not on a “need to know” basis”? This is where the importance of biometrics comes into play.

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