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We live in a world today, in which technology moves at a very rapid pace. Many of these technological advances can be used to make our everyday lives easier and safer. One of these new technologies is Biometrics. Biometrics is the process of measuring a person’s physical properties. This would include measuring things like fingerprints, retinas, odor, vein structure on the back of the hand and many other things. Biometrics is a very important topic because it would create better security precautions for certain places that need to be secure. Biometrics will make our society safer by only allowing authorized people out of secure facilities and by keeping the unauthorized people out. Throughout the rest of this
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The reason why it is so accurate is because the iris in human eyes is completely formed by the eighth month of a person’s life. Iris recognition can be used to identify a person of practically any age.

Face recognition is another biometric technology. Face recognition uses the same technology that iris recognition uses. For face recognition, a camera takes several images of a person to find out who it is. Face recognition differs from all of the other biometric technologies because the person that is in the picture does not have to cooperate with the process. In all of the other technologies it requires the people to actively participate in the process. In face recognition, the image can be taken without the person even knowing that it took place.

The final main biometric technology used is fingerprint recognition. This is definitely the most widely used biometric technology. This type of biometric has been used for many, many years. Because of this, fingerprint recognition has been known as the most primary and accurate identification method used to identify a person. The modern fingerprint recognition is all done electronically. There are two main ways of analyzing fingerprints electronically. The first plots points on the ridges of a person’s fingers that enable the computer to compare to different fingerprints. The second method uses patterns of a fingerprint

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