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Biometrics is used in many places and there is a bright future for them. Coca Cola has recently replaced time card system with hand scanning machines. Finger print scanners are being used in many states of the US. They have been used to trace social welfare fraud. An iris pattern identification system is being used in Cook County, Illinois to ensure that right people are released from jail. ATM machines have been installed with finger scanners to prevent theft and fraud in Indiana (Jain, 2005).
The world’s major credit card companies are using finger scanning devices to protect credit card information and save the consumer from credit card fraud. Walt Disney World in Orlando has implemented a hand scanning system to prevent people from
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The technology is many years away from development. Blood pulses on a finger can be measured by new biometric systems. This technology is currently under development. Nail bed identification is based on identifying distinct spatial arrangement beneath the fingernail. Gait recognition is another technology which is under development. This recognizes individuals by their distinctive walk and captures a sequence of images to derive and analyze motion characteristics. The technology is currently under development and its complete potential and limitations can be fully assessed. Many biometric identification systems are being developed and tested (Woodward, 2005).

Biometric technologies are getting better and finely tuned. The rate of false readings and errors has sharply fallen. However it still requires careful consideration and planning to implement a biometric identification system. They are most costly and complicated to implement as compared with other authentication systems. A proper evaluation of the system is important before purchasing any biometric system. A thorough risk analysis is necessary. In many cases biometrics may be overkill. Biometrics must be used if there is high level of risk involved. Customer acceptance is also important when logging on to company websites. Home users might not be ready to install biometrics on home computers for online banking.
Another consideration is where the digital data and templates will be stored. The

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