Biometrics Security Technology : Biometric Authentication System

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Biometrics security technology provides automated methods of recognizing a person based on a physiological or behavioral characteristic. There was a rapid growth in the authentication system due to the use of e-commerce applications and change in information technology which fulfils daily life’s requirement by giving reliable and personal authentication system for effective security control. The current features of biometric authentication are face recognition, signature, vein, retinal scan, hand geometry, voice, iris and fingerprints.
Biometric technique is now becoming the foundation of a wide array of highly secure identification and personal verification. Recently world events have took place which leads to an increase the interest in security that will impel biometrics into majority use.
Unimodal biometric systems faces problems like noisy sensors data, unacceptable error rates, spoofing attacks and the most important is non universality this all happens when biometrics use one trait for identifying persons. But many researches are recently came into attention for multimodal biometric authentication techniques which brings together many different modalities and helps to increase the recognition rate. There are different levels to achieve this fusion like sensor, classification or feature level. In many researches, the researchers has concluded that multimodal biometric methods achieve better rate in recognition than the unimodal biometric methods. A method based on…
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