Biondi Hospital-Appendectomy

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The aged old open appendectomy has been the main form of corrective surgery for patients who was diagnose with acute appendicitis. However, in the modern era, the laparoscopic approach has become more common and many have questioned its effectiveness and superiority over the appendectomy (Biondi, et al 2016). The laparoscopic approach has been identified for shorter recovery time post operatory, thus resulting in shorter hospital stay, less postoperative pain, faster return to daily activities. These observations influenced, Biondi, et al (2016), to conduct a retrospective observational study at the department of Emergency Surgery, Garibaldi Hospital-Catania during the period of January 2004 and July 2011 with the purpose of identifying the…show more content…
The odd ratio is a representation of the odds that a particular outcome will occur in the presents of particular exposure, in comparison to odds of having the same outcome the absence of that exposure (Szumilas, M., 2010). a = Number of exposed cases (35) b = Number of exposed non-cases (8) c = Number of unexposed cases (5) d = Number of unexposed non-cases (32)
OR= ad/bc
OR = (35×32) ÷ (8x5) =1120÷40 =28
Thus, the odd of salmonella infection is 28 times higher in those who consumed raw Spinach as compared to those who did not consume raw Spinach.
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