Bioplastic: Replacing All That Plastic

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Bioplastic is becoming a big topic in our society because of excess of amount of waste plastic being used. Bioplastic decays much faster then regular plastic. There are many ways bioplastic can be produced and many scientists are researching specifically making it with natural products. Scientist figured out that high-leveled starch products are very effective when it comes to making of bioplastic. Bioplastic is a very fast developing technology that will help the reduce the amount of plastics in landfills and usage of fossil fuels. Many of the products people used everyday are made from plastic. Plastics consists of polymers which are chemical compounds made up of long chains of smaller molecules. Plastic is a necessity in the current society, although to manufacture, it requires a fossil fuel. Fossil fuels are carbon-based fuel sources, such as oil and gas which is made from fossilized plant and animal remains. Plastics are a bane to the environment because they are not biodegradable (cannot be broken down by decomposers), and cause global warming. The price for production of biodegradable plastic will soon drop for 3 reasons. First, as the production of biodegradable increase, the cost disadvantage will disappear. Second, oil and petroleum are a nonrenewable resource and the supply of will decrease. The supply is limited and when it starts to run out the price will increase. And lastly, the world is trying to be more eco friendly and there are many researches going on

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