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Biopsychosocial Case Study Case studies are an important part of clinical psychology. One can learn about the biological, psychological, and social factors involved by studying patients with certain disorders or illnesses. The case study of Christina Ricci and Karen Carpenter are extraordinary and this analysis will give a brief overview of their case as well as discuss the biological, psychological, and social factors involved. This analysis will also explain the need for adaptation in the field of clinical psychology. Overview of Christina Ricci and Karen Carpenter Karen Carpenter and Christina Ricci were both diagnosed with anorexia nervosa a psychological disorder. While both women suffered from anorexia nervosa the …show more content…
Her marriage failed after 12 months and her husband admitted that “he was too controlling of Karen” (Myer, et al p. 187). Karen eventually sought therapy and was able to put on weight, but Karen started to take ipecac a drug that makes one vomit. Karen Carpenter increased her intake to one entire bottle and the belief is that this is what caused Karen Carpenter to have a heart attack and die. Karen Carpenter was the first star to bring anorexia to light. The biological factor that was hard for Karen to overcome was that her family was mainly obese and Karen’s mother told Karen she would like remain obese her entire life. This brought on the psychological factor of Karen trying to be a perfectionist, then add in social factors such as Karen’s love for music and the love for the spotlight and there is no wonder that Karen Carpenter became a victim of anorexia nervosa. Christina Ricci unlike Karen Carpenter was not a perfectionist by heart but was more of a self-loathing type because of her family background. (Myer, et al) Christina Ricci grew up rebelling against anyone and everyone who came in her way. From a very early age the actress was a bit chubby and did not recognize this until she was cast for a role playing a younger version of Rosie O’Donnell. This caused Christina Ricci to take notice of her body and this is what is believed to have started those issues with anorexia nervosa. Christina Ricci started to exercise and not eat causing her to lose

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