Biopsychosocial Model Of Pain

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Pain is defined as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience, and biomedical model which relates the intensity of pain to the severity of injury. The biopsychosocial model, views illness as a 'dynamic and reciprocal interaction between biologic, psychological and sociocultural variables that shape the person's responses to pain' (Turk and Flor, 1999). The biomedical model embraces reductionism this disease is caused by biological/somatic variables and believes the only effective treatment for pain is medical approaches. The biopsychosocial model understands that pain can be a dynamic entity that can changes over time. Biopsychosocial is affected by a person's internal and external environment. The two models allow the biomedical model significant medical advances; the biopsychosocial model has offered physiotherapy a wider spectrum of tools to help treat chronic pain patients. The biomedical model refers to pathophysiology in isolation and it detects where the pain is so the doctors can treat the problem. The biopsychosocial model extends medical-care while considering the patient’s medical background history the doctor cannot detect they problem and must rely on the patients for guidance. When dealing with biomedical not treating the remove illnesses by analyzing the…show more content…
More, psychologist explains that the lack of evidence is concerning with exploring people's perceptions, beliefs, attitudes and experiences. For example, People can notice when something is wrong with their body through pain. Not fixing that problem with some type of medication and it going away by itself, makes a researcher think, was there a problem, or was it in that person head all alone. Many physiotherapists do not feel confident or competent enough to address psychological factors, because they do not know how to treat the body if they cannot detect the
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