Biopsychosocial Model Of Stress

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Stress is a frequently common problem that affects almost everybody at certain points in their lives. Stress refers to the way a human body responds to any kind of demand or threat. When one feels threatened, the body nervous system actively responds by releasing adrenaline and cortisol hormones, which help the body get ready and prepared for an emergency action. Stress sometimes could be helpful since it instigates faster reactions from individuals (Hellhammer et al., 2008). It can also enable people work out responsive duties. This only occurs when the stress suffered falls within an individual’s comfort. However, on the contrary, most occurring stresses that people face fall beyond their comfort zones causing major damages to the body…show more content…
They often range from biological, social to psychological factors. Every person experiences stress, though this paper majorly concerns undergraduate education students. When one moves from high school level to undergraduate level of education, they experience different changes. At the undergraduate level, one begins to feel the intense pressure of more studies. Secondly, there a lot of people at the undergraduate education level in the University that an individual gets to meet. This calls for a defining moment in the social relation and interaction development that a person undergoes which could lead to stressful situations. Management of stress, especially for an undergraduate student is therefore very crucial. The Biopsychosocial Model is one major important tool that assist in the stress mastery/ reduction practice. It contains a list of various stressors that people are likely to encounter in their daily life and are categorized into social, biological and psychological areas. This model is therefore of much assistance in getting to understand the impact of stress and ways to combat them biologically, psychologically or socially (Hartland,…show more content…
The biological stressors comprise factors such as Gender, physical illness, disability, medication effects among others. Many students face different health problems which makes their studies almost come to a complete halt. Physical illness such as stomach pains and headaches that arise from the occurrence of stress can prevent one from concentrating or attending the lectures. These physical pains and illness often require constant medication, which might cause other related health problems such as dizziness or body functioning damage. These are stress related problems which can negatively affect a students during the studies. Recommendations are available for some of these biological stressors. For the physical illness problems, people experiencing stress are advised to seek proper medical attention and prescription from qualified doctors and physicians. This recommendation is helpful since the doctors and physicians are experts and therefore are capable of providing a proper medical advice and prescription to help counter or reduce the stress (Hellhammer et al.,
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