Biosphere Worksheet Essay

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University of Phoenix Material Biosphere Worksheet Section A: Answer the following questions in complete sentences. 1. Define biosphere. Describe the part of the biosphere where humans can survive. Biosphere can be described as our whole earth and all living entities that dwell in it. 2. Based on this week’s required readings, what are the main causes of threats to the biosphere? The main causes of threats to the biosphere revolve around all the no sustainable practices that directly affect our world; more specifically, the immediate and long-term effects of the incorrect disposal of waste. 3. Define sustainability. What do scientists predict will happen in Earth’s future if we do not increase our sustainability…show more content…
| |Water |Water supply cost increases that are a |Effectively manage water by replacing | |Ineffective Water Management |result of diminishing supplies from |inefficient water fixtures, reducing use, | | |upstream users and/or growing demand from |reusing water that is currently being | | |the suppliers’ customer base. |discarded. | |Energy |Emissions from coal plants are a |Renewable energy sources such as | |Coal |significant environmental and public health|hydroelectricity, biomass, geothermal, | | |concern. |wind, solar electric, and ocean power. | |Pollution |Hybrid-Electric vehicles are more expensive|Create affordable fuel cell vehicles which | |Vehicle CO2 Emissions |to purchase. |combine oxygen from the air with a hydrogen| | | |rich fuel or biofuels that has been | |

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