Biotechnology And Global Health : Genome Sequencing

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Christine Kim (B00991454)
BIOL1070 Biotechnology and Global Health

Genome Sequencing
Statement of issue or thesis: The rise of new scientific technology generally meets extensive amounts of skepticism.
Scientific introduction and background: The human genome is essentially a set of instructions that consists of various DNA molecules that are unique to each individual human being. This huge collection of genes inside each and every one human’s cells dictate trait that are inherited from ther parents, which can range from one’s hair color to one’s height. Genes are made up of Deoxyribosenucleic Acid (DNA), which consist of nucleotide bases: Adenine (A), Thymine (T), Cytosine (C), and Guanine (G). Adenine is paired with Thymine and Cytosine is paired with Guanine. This DNA is then paired with a sugar molecule and a phosphate molecule, to essentially come together and created two long strands that wrap around each other into a double helix formation (twisted ladder). Like mentioned before, these DNA strands make up a gene which can be found on something called a chromosome in the cell. These chromosomes contain the information required for the way the human body is built. In humans, the chromosomes are usually found in the heart of the cell known as the nucleus. The nucleus contains forty-six chromosomes (also known as twenty-three chromosome pairs): half are from the mother and half are from the father. The first twenty-two chromosome pairs are known as autosomes that house
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