Biotechnology : Genetically Modified Organisms

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Biotechnology refers to technology in biology. Biotechnology modifies DNA or the genetic material of an organism to achieve a desired trait. GMOs are genetically modified organisms. This is when a person directly engineers the DNA. For example, food crops have been genetically modified by humans using conventional cultivation and propagation techniques. Biotechnology offers many health benefits and risks. Biotechnology can help with food production by helping plants become less vulnerable to drought, frost, insects, and viruses and by enabling plants to become competitive against weeds for soil nutrients. There are reports of few cases in which biotechnology has also improved the quality and the nutrition of foods by alternating their composition. Biotechnology in plants helps farmers increase crop yields. The plants are engineered to tolerate herbicides or attacks from pests such as insects and viruses. For example, two food plants been altered to produce modified oils: the soybean and canola plants. Industry officials reported that the modified soybean plant produces healthier oil; also stated that the canola plant was modified for laureate to cook the oil. Soybean oil is the most commonly used oil worldwide; scientist says that this new oil could significantly improve the health of millions of people. With good things come the risk and the risk for biotechnology is its potential risk to the environment and people. Some people fear that common plant pests could
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