Biotechnology Research Paper

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The advancements biotechnology has made are nothing short of amazing. At its start the most advanced form was microbial fermentation. This was mostly used for food preservation and alcoholic beverages. Although that technology is stilled used, it as been integrated with the recombinant DNA technology, allowing for a more specialized approach therefore widening the range of products the technology can be used for. With the addition of recombinant DNA technology scientists have been able to manufacture human insulin, the hepatitis B vaccine, the calf enzyme used in cheese- making, biodegradable plastics, and laundry detergent enzymes [2]. All of which are commonly used today. The physical work of genetic engineering couldn’t have been done without the tools of biotechnology i.e. enzymes that cut he DNA molecules in order to select the wanted/ remove the superfluous genes. These specific enzymes came to be known as restriction enzymes. In nature it needs to be able to recognize and cut very specific factions of foreign DNA therefore protecting the bacteria against the unknown substance in a process called restriction. The bacterial cell then continues to protect its own DNA from restriction by adding –CH3 to adenines or cytosines within making the strand recognizable by the restriction enzyme as to avoid being cut. In biotechnology EcoRI acts as our restriction enzyme and makes a cut into the sugar phosphate backbone of the DNA in a section it can recognize. The complementary
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