Bioterrorism Essay

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     You wake up early for work and kiss your family goodbye. On your daily transit you see a man drop a glass vial in the subway, but you think nothing of it. Moments later you become a statistic. A statistic of Bioterrorism. The threat of Bioterrorism, long ignored and denied has heightened over the past years and needs to be publicly addressed. There are three possible solutions to this threat that are within grasp. The first of which would be a nation wide vaccination against all agents that could be used against the American public. Second, we could educate people to more efficiently spot the symptoms of such an act, or to protect themselves from an act that has already taken place. The last solution would be…show more content…
After the cold war a Russian Bioweapons facility, Vector, became a high concern. Before the cold war, vector was a 4000 person, 30 building facility with an ample Biosaftey level 4 laboratory. The laboratory housed the small pox virus, as well as work on the deadly Ebola virus, Marbug, and the hemorrhagic fever viruses. Any viewpoint you look at it from disgruntled person, terrorist cult, and Nation, Obtaining samples of these cultures isn’t whether you want it, it when you want it. If a terrorist group did happen to obtain these weapons, which is likely, using it is even easier. If a person were to drop a light bulb full of Anthrax spores in the New York subway, it could kill thousands, to hundreds of thousands of people. The agents’ anthrax, plague, brucellosis, small pox, viral encephalitis, and viral hemorrhagic fevers are of particular concern. They are relatively easy and inexpensive to produce, cause death or disabling disease, and can be aerosolized and distributed over large geographic areas. These agents can be released in small amounts, without anyone knowing for days or weeks, and can infect hundreds of thousands of people and cause many deaths. The most sever threat of Bioterrorism Is the fact that for many of the agents used, there are no treatments developed, and no cures. We are ill prepared to cope with a terrorist attack that uses biological

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