Bipolar: A Short Story

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I have bipolar. Everyday I have things to overcome. It's hard. I'm not complaining, "people have it worse", "you're an upper middle class white kid" "you have everything why are you complaining?". People say these things and it's hard to not snap at them yell, "I know! I'm trying, my brain is fucked up ok!" I can't help it sometimes. You have to put yourself first, I don't care what they say! I don't care what you say! People will always be assholes, you can't help it. You can't let them tell you what's wrong with you, you can't tell yourself things are wrong with you. How did I conquer my inner monologue, I didn't, I'm still battling. I don't know if I'll win, I don't know if my battle will be never ending. One thing I do know is I'll fucking
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