Bipolar Depression : A Difficult And Diverse Mood Disorder

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Bipolar disorder could be described as a difficult and diverse mood disorder, witch could be defined by the amount of depressive, manic, hypomanic, and mixed episodes. Aretaeus of Cappadocia had been the first to practice and have the best information on bipolar depression in the medical field during the 1st Century in Greece. His notes between mania and depression had been overlooked for a very long time. Greeks and Romans were responsible for the terms mania and melancholia, which now mean manic and depressive. The Greeks had also even revealed that using lithium salt while taking a bath could calm manic patients and lift the spirits of peoples that were depressed.. Today, lithium is a well-known treatment for patients that suffer…show more content…
When someone is at a manic stage, it means that someone with bipolar disorder feels overly excited and very confident. These feelings can also include being irritable and making reckless decisions. About half the people who go through mania can also have delusions or hallucinations. Hypomania defines milder symptoms of mania, which means their disorder is just less sever, and they do not have delusions or hallucinations, and their high symptoms do not interfere with their everyday life. Lithium is known to be one of the most popular bipolar disorder medicines. This medication could even out a patients mood swings. Lithium is so effected that it is used for manic attacks and can also work as a bipolar drug treatment. In order to reduce bipolar symptoms it will take lithium one to two weeks tops to come in effect, but the medication will definitely begin to work. If the drug doesn’t work it’s a must that the patient go to see his or her doctor. Besides lithium some patience could use a few more different medication such as Quetiapine, which is considered another effective bipolar disorder drug. This drug can help treat schizophrenia and depressive episodes that are connected with bipolar disorder. Lamotrigine also known as Lamictal can help stabilize moods and keep simple episodes of mania and depression away from the patient. This bipolar drug treatment helps keep indications of bipolar disorder on lock,
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