Bipolar Disorder : A Diagnosis On The Rise

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Autumn Leja
December 8, 2014
Essay 3
Bipolar Disorder: a Diagnosis on the Rise Before researching this topic, I used to think that Bipolar Disorder was a very rare mental illness and in most cases, a misdiagnoses. There are many misconceptions about Bipolar Disorder and mental illness as a whole. Bipolar Disorder has become an epidemic in America and affects nearly everyone in some way. The term Bipolar is increasingly being misused to describe someone having a bad day or being excessively happy. Over the past generation, Bipolar has began to be used as an adjective to describe how people are feeling or acting. Most of us know someone who either has Bipolar Disorder or someone affected by it. The purpose of this essay is to examine Bipolar Disorder and determine the best way for individuals, along with their loved one’s to manage the disorder. This will hopefully help people understand what a friend or family member is going through and even help an individual struggling with Bipolar Disorder. Better yet, it could inspire others to research and spread ideas to someday cure Bipolar Disorder. Citizens can call upon their elected officials to increase access to mental health services (counseling, therapy, medications) for people diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and support the families that are affected. Bipolar Disorder can be difficult to diagnose and often goes misdiagnosed for years. Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder usually begin to show in persons late teens or…
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