Bipolar Disorder And Conflict Management

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Bipolar Disorder and Conflict Management There have been various studies over bipolar disorder but few conducted over conflict management over those with bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder can control people’s lives if not managed effectively. Over the course of the semester my goal was to find methods and apply those methods to help better manage conflict while personally dealing with bipolar disorder. I discovered which methods worked best and several new tactics not yet focused on. I also found ways that those involved in the interpersonal relationships I am a part of to help as well. Not only does the person dealing with bipolar disorder need to find methods for dealing with this but also so do those around them to help better manage. Introduce the main ideas to be discussed throughout the paper. Transition.
Literary Review
Integrate 5 relevant concepts/findings from our textbook into this discussion Miklowitz focused much of his work on the study of bipolar disorder. One book in particular written by Miklowitz (2002), he focused on the survival of bipolar disorder and how to manage it. The main focus of the entire book was on understanding the symptoms, learn about effective treatments, learning how to self-manage and to improve functioning in family and work settings (p. 3). Each section was delved into deeply and gave a lot of information. The book was formatted as a self-help guide for those dealing with bipolar disorder, which I found very useful myself. I…
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