Bipolar Disorder And Major Depression

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Mood disorders are characterized by unstable emotions, which are not always completely within the individual 's control. Mood disorders are one of the most common categories of psychological disorders, and the two most common disorders within this category are bipolar disorder and major depression (also known as clinical depression). These disorders often require a patient to take medications to regulate their mood, which is often paired with psychotherapy or “talk therapy.” While they are common, they are no less serious than any other psychological disorder and should be treated as such. Major depression, also called clinical depression, is mostly identified by its significant symptoms. Some symptoms of major depression include…show more content…
Mania is characterized by extreme excitement, euphoria, and hyperactivity. A person suffering from bipolar disorder may do dangerous or extreme things during an episode of mania. The signifier for bipolar disorder that causes many to mistake it for depression is the sudden shift, in which people experiencing an episode of mania will have a drastic drop in mood. This drop will cause an episode of depression, characterized by a depressed mood, low levels of activity, fatigue, and suicidal thoughts or actions. Sometimes people experiencing bipolar disorder only have a subtle shift in their mood, or a less alarming one. This leads people to believe that instead of experiencing bipolar disorder, they are actually experiencing depression, as their period of mania is not in fact as hyperactive and excited as others may experience. Treatments for clinical depression vary depending on the specific patient being treated. Some may experience an array of antidepressants, or drugs that regulate the neurotransmitters (noradrenaline and serotonin) discussed earlier. Most antidepressants are taken for several months, or years, and have to be strictly regulated to promote the healthiest and most reliable treatment option. Although antidepressants must be taken for long periods of times, unlike other drugs the dosage does not need to be raised in order for it to keep the same
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