Bipolar Disorder And Major Depressive Disorder

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Moods are feelings we all go through. Many different things can affect our moods. We can be super happy or super down by anything instantly. If we were to accomplish something, get a good grade, or a raise that will instantly change our mood and bring us to a happy state. If we were to fail, lose a job, get a ticket that might make us go into a down or depressive mood. It is very normal for us to have our moods affected by day to day life events. People who experience mood disorders get affected longer and more severe to where it affects their lives so badly they can’t function well. Even if things are going well some people still get depressed, or when something they encounter bothers them. People who experience extreme mood swings suffer drastically with their emotions. Their are two types of mood disorders: bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder. Bipolar disorder is also known to be called manic-depressive disorder. Research shows that bipolar disorder is genetic. Bipolar disorder has two stages that people deal with, the manic stage and depressive stage. These stages can each last from hours, days, to even years. Stress plays a role in these stages. These stages go from an intense happy stage to a deep derisive stage. People suffer with elevated moods and personality change, and this tends to affect their friends and family around them. Medication and psychotherapy both help treat this disorder.
In the manic phase people tend to be extremely happy and work and…
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