Bipolar Disorder And Treatment Of Bipolar Depression

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The article by Zhang et al. (2013) was relevant to both the case study mentioned and the questions mentioned. Zhang et al. (2013) conducted a literature review, which was primarily focused on comparing “antidepressants alone or in combination with mood stabilizers against placebos, mood stabilizers, antipsychotics or other antidepressants” (Zhang et al., 2013, p. 7). The participants searched had a primary diagnosis of bipolar disorder according to DSM-IV (Zhang et al., 2013). This literature review found, the following: “Antidepressant medications did not offer statistical benefits when compared with placebo in the short-term phase” (Zhang et al., 2013, p. 11). This statement is relevant to answering question 1: Can at any time…show more content…
Ghaemi et al. (2008) completed a study of 350 bipolar patients, which was a randomized study with controlled trials for bipolar patients involving the treatment of either of the following: Antidepressants (AD) and mood stabilizers (MS) vs. placebo and mood stabilizers (Ghaemi et al., 2008). The length of the treatment was measured within a six-month period. Ghaemi et al. (2008) further split the groups into bipolar 1 and bipolar 2, which found that bipolar 1 patients did not show an increased risk of mania or hypomania with or without the use of antidepressants (Ghaemi et al., 2008). This result was fascinating, as for the most part this writer encountered literature review, which indicated that antidepressants induced mania were more common in bipolar 1 than bipolar 2. On the other hand, in bipolar 2, found “two of the nine remaining comparisons individually found significantly increased risk of mania (not including hypomania) with antidepressants” (Ghaemi et al., 2008, p. 5). This was the first research study that contradicted the rest.
Upon reviewing the literature review mentioned above, this writer was able to reach a conclusion, which is that regardless of the diagnosis of bipolar 1 or 2 in mania, hypomania, or depression the standard form of treatment must include a mood stabilizer. The typical mood stabilizer used is lithium. According to
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