Bipolar Disorder : Bipolar And Depression

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In general, having Bipolar Disorder is like living at your best and you are worst and having no control over it. People may refer to bipolar are manic depressive disorder, this is due to for the individuals having periods of mania, and periods of depression. Bipolar is derived from having two moods, hence mania and depression. Mania is a period of energy, individuals will feel energized, on top of the world and may even experience sleep deprivation. Sometime later, the energy goes away, and depression will set it. Depression is where the individual will be at their lowest, become suicidal and struggle to be productive in various places such as school, work, relationships, and carry out every day activities (Roberts). I have chosen to pick this topic because 2 out of 5 people in my household family have bipolar, and now I, myself am starting to show signs of having bipolar disorder. Living with someone who has bipolar that isn’t managed is very difficult and scary. My sister, who is the person behind me picking this disorder has struggled all her life since 7th grade, so 16 years later, she is still struggling to be manageable and not have as severe ups and downs. I also know people, more than just my house family, who have bipolar and I can even see how difficult it can be. I work at an assisted living place, and absolutely love it. I love to help people. We have a resident who is in their mid-60’s and the only reason he is living there, is due to his bipolar. He still has
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