Bipolar Disorder ( Bipolar )

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Bipolar Disorder Kaitlyn Waters September 23, 2014 Miller-Motte Technical College Bipolar Disorder Bipolar disorder is a mental abnormality involving an intense mood change from mania to a depressive mood in a matter of seconds. This used to be called manic-depressive disorder. During the manic phase, your will be very energetic, happy, talkative, have an increased sex drive, and even aggression. You could also end up spending a mass amount of money in which you didn’t intend to do. But during the depressive phase, you are very depressed, hopeless, anxious, sleepy, guilty, and sometimes even suicidal. People with bipolar disorder, often struggle with psychosis as well. Psychosis is the hallucinations and hearing voices. There are four different types of bipolar disorder. The first is bipolar I. Bipolar I is a severe case of bipolar disorder. Mania can last for a short time, while the depressive stage can last from two weeks or more. The second type is bipolar II. Bipolar II isn’t as severe but it’s a pattern in which there are no full blown mania phases. The third type is bipolar disorder not otherwise specified. This is when you are told you have a bi polar disorder but you don’t show any of the symptoms for bipolar I or II. The last is cyclothymic. Cyclothymic is a very minimum form of bipolar. People with cyclothymia have episodes of hypomania as well as mild depression for at least 2 years (Bipolar Disorder in Adults. (2012, January 1)). This form

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