Bipolar Disorder Essay

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Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a type of manic depression classified
by those affected having extreme polar opposite emotions. Those
who suffer from bipolar disorder, go from extreme highs (mania)
to very lows, (depression). Because this illness deals with such
drastic changes in behavior, it is essential that those who
suffer take medical action in treatment of their disorder,
unlike other depressions that may be treated with therapy only.
Medical treatment with the use of drugs is so important when
treating those who suffer from bipolar disorder, because its
causes can be predicted to begin at the neuron level. One of
these treatments, as discussed throughout this paper, is Lithium
in its common for
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lithium as been used for thirty or more years, research on
lithium as a treatment for bipolar patients brings more
questions than answers. One approach researchers have taken to
better understand this unclear process is to examine the causes
in general of bipolar disorder. Theories range from focusing on
genetic factors, to environmental factors, to the way
biochemistry imbalances shape a person's mood.

Bipolar disorder is a manic-depressive illness, and is the
most recognizable and dramatic of the depressive disorders.
People with bipolar disorder are different from those who suffer
from other depressive disorders, because of the swing from the
extreme lows, the depressive state, to the extreme highs, the
manic state. The theories that provide the most insight into the
causes of bipolar disorder from a biological perspective are the
theories the focus on the biochemistry of the disorder because
the research involved in these theories suggest that
neurotransmitters, chemicals that allow information to be passed
from cell to cell, become imbalanced at various phases of the
disorder. (American Psychiatric Association, 1992.) Some of this
research suggests that lithium impacts the re-uptake of the
messages held in the various chemicals that transmit information
from cell to cell. (MedicineNet, 2005).…

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