Bipolar Disorder Essay

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In life we all go through experiences that cause our moods to change for better or for worse. There are times that we experience degrees of great joy and happiness just as other times we experience great sadness and despair. These polar emotional opposites can be brought about by a cornucopia of circumstances such as the joy and excitement of getting married or the birth of a child to the deep sadness and grief over the loss of a loved one or one’s employment. Feelings of joy and feelings of sadness are normal parts of human life. Some however are unfortunate enough to be force to cope with these emotions to the extreme and on a regular basis. Some individuals must further cope with an ever present emotion rollercoaster, switching…show more content…
During this time a person may be overly happy or outgoing and may be extremely irritable and feel agitated. During a mania the person’s behavior may change as well; becoming easily distracted jumping from one idea to another, talk fast and/or excessively, taking on new goal oriented tasks such as projects, suffer from insomnia, and acting on impulses of high risk activities such as gambling, shopping, or sexual gratification. There also exists a less severe yet still debilitating version of mania known as hypomania. Hypomania is classified as elevated levels of energy and impulsive behavior that are not as extreme as full blown mania (National Center for, 2010). Hypomanic symptoms may still last for at least four days and is the main manifestation of bipolar II (Peacock, 2000). On the other end of the spectrum, those suffering from bipolar disorder also go through periods known as “depressive episodes” characterized by long periods anxiety, feelings of inadequacy or emptiness, feelings of unwarranted guilt, and helplessness. During these episodes of depression individuals with bipolar disorder may experience behavioral changes such as having issues concentrating, problems remembering things, and difficulty in making decisions. They may also feel continually tired even when well rested, feel restless or irritable or experience changes in eating habits. In some cases, during depressive

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