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Mental illness comes in many forms one of the most prevalent forms facing people today is depression. The realm of depression encompasses many different types and forms, some of these are, Seasonal Affect Disorder commonly called SAD, Bipolar Disorder, Postpartum, Chronic Depression, and situational depression to name a few. When many people think about depression they think about a person who is stereotypically down on life. However they don’t see the people who suffer from extreme highs, as well as extreme lows. They don’t see the people who at one point in time can feel really optimistic, and have grad plans. They may be impulsive and make risky choices without thinking about their consequences. The next day they could have problems…show more content…
During an episode of mania the person may feel very optimistic, they may have unrealistic beliefs about their abilities, they may also spend little time sleeping and yet have boundless energy, they may talk so rapidly that others can’t keep up, racing thoughts and moving from topic to topic without any transition, distraction, impaired judgment impulsive actions, taking risky and reckless decisions without thinking about the consequences, and in severe cases delusions and hallucinations. During an episode of depression the person may experience, the feelings of sadness, hopelessness, as well as emptiness, irritability, inability to experience pleasure, loss of energy, mental/physical sluggishness, appetite/weight change, sleep problems, concentration/memory problems, feelings of worthlessness and guilt, and thoughts of suicide (Segal, 2). Both men and women are affected by bipolar at the same rate (Grohol, 1). Diagnosis of this disorder can be characterized into three different subtypes. The first type is Bipolar I in order for the disorder to be classified as type I it must include at least one episode of both mania and depression. The next face of bipolar is Bipolar II disorder this is identified by hypomania and severe depression. Hypomania is a lesser type of mania, these people can still carry-on with their everyday life. Another type of bipolar disorder is Bipolar disorder not otherwise specified (BP-NOS) these people may experience symptoms of bipolar but they

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