Essay about Bipolar Disorder: Illness and Treatment

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Bipolar disorder is characterized by unusual and sudden changes in mood, energy, activity levels affecting the ability to perform everyday tasks, impacting negatively relationships, professional life and often leading to suicide. Bipolar disorder usually show signs in adolescence or early adulthood and is a long term condition that must be appropriately treated in order to improve the life quality of the patient. Often people suffering from bipolar disorder also suffer addiction to drugs and alcohol and one of the reasons is that people with bipolar disorder sometimes try to self treat their symptoms with alcohol and drugs, which make bipolar symptoms worse. The causes of bipolar disorder are unknown, however most scientist agree that a …show more content…
The children who had or are at high risk for bipolar disorder score higher on a creativity index than healthy children. In our society creativity is highly valued and priced; Although creativity and bipolar disorders may have a relationship, being affected by this devastating disorder don’t represent a give because bipolar disorder as any other mental illness bring suffering rather than accomplishment. It is possible that creativity and bipolar disorders are linked to a genetic factor that could be passed from one generation to another. In order to find answers to this enigma, it may be helpful to study creativity in individuals before they show symptoms of BD, this will tell us if mania or hypomania is a key point in the development of a creative mind. Aristotle famously asked why is it that all men who have become outstanding in philosophy, poetry and arts are melancholic. This question remains unanswered today. Bipolar disorder is one of the most distinctive conditions in psychiatry. Many famous musicians, writers, and leaders of society have had bipolar disorder. Many of these people — and some of their physicians — have been concerned that the pharmacologic treatment of their mood swings might