Bipolar Disorder Is A Complex Physiological And Psychological Disorder

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Everyone at different times in life feels sad and that is normal. Everyone in life has ups and downs all in one day and that is normal to. Sometimes your sadness comes from things that happen in your everyday life you move like moving to different city and leave behind friends, you lose your job or a loved one dies. However how do we determine what the difference between what is known as normal feelings of sadness or ups and downs and the feelings that are caused by suffering from bipolar disorder? Bipolar disorder is a complex physiological and psychological disorder that can influence and manipulate a person 's thoughts and actions in their daily life. What are common traits that come from people with bipolar disorder? Are there common things that are seen among people with the disorder like lying? What can help calm down the disorder and help someone maintain a normal life? Throughout this paper I will be answering those questions and also explain what it is like to live and love someone with bipolar disorder. To first understand bipolar disorder in my opinion you must first learn what is defined as bipolar disorder, what are some of the different types of the disorder and what are some of the signs. First let’s start with what bipolar disorder is known as and some history with the disorder. Bipolar disorder was previously known as Manic Depression. They are both known as a mental disorder that is characterized by frequently changing moods experienced day to day. Someone
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