Bipolar Disorder : Symptoms And Treatment

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People experience typical human feelings towards experiences such as enjoyment and happiness because of the birth of a child of falling in love or despair because of poor performance at work or school or a recent break up. These feelings also can be brought about by a serious medical condition known as bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is when a person suffers from severe shifts in mood and energy. In most cases, bipolar disorder can be treated and people with the illness can live normal and productive lives with the help of medication and or therapy. Aiken, C. (2010). Family Experiences of Bipolar Disorder: The Ups, the Downs and the Bits in Between. Retrieved from Ebsco Host. In this book the author discusses her own dealings with Bipolar Disorder. She goes on to say how it has affected her and the sufferings she has faced over the years. She talks about bipolar disorder at its most earliest stage in life and into the adult aspects in life. Just like the author Jeanetter Plunkett, she also talks about the effects of bipolar disorder on family members and friends, which also supports my thesis statement. Baldessarini, R. J., Tondo, L., Baethge, C. J., Lepri, B., & Bratti, I. M. (2007). Effects of Treatment Latency on Response to Maintenance Treatment in Manic- Depressive Disorders. Bipolar Disorders, 9(4), 386-393. This article talks about how the author did further testing on bipolar disorder to better understand it. They tested pretreatments versus hospitalized
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