Bipolar Disorder and Meditation Essay

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Bipolar disorder is a mental disease that causes a rapid shift in mood, usually between mania and depression. The manic episode of bipolar disorder usually results in an abnormally large dosage of energy. During manic depression, an individual may go on an unnecessary shopping spree or even quit their job. Mania is usually followed by an episode of depression, which could lead to suicide if not properly treated. Bipolar disorder is usually treated through medication. Medication for bipolar disorder usually includes a mood stabilizer, such as Lithium, with an anti-psychotic drug, such as Zyprexa (Bipolar Disorder, n.d.). While medicine is the more popular remedy for leveling the mood of a bipolar disorder patient, meditation has also been…show more content…
Meditation will help the patient be in control of his or her thoughts. Meditation allows them to control their mind and prevents any outside distractions. In the long run, this is extremely beneficial to a person suffering from mental diseases, such as bipolar disorder. The study also revealed “Meditation activates the brain’s CEO: the prefrontal cortex” (5 Ways, n.d.). In order to understand this reason, it is important to know what the prefrontal cortex is responsible for. The prefrontal cortex controls functions such as the difference between what is right and what is wrong, and the “orchestration of thoughts” (5 Ways, n.d.). Because of its functions, the prefrontal cortex has a major role in psychological disorders, such as borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder. Studies show that meditation can help patients with personality disorders, such as bipolar disorder, by ridding the brain of mania and depression. Since mania and depression are the two major symptoms of bipolar disorder, meditation helps to keep the mood of the patient leveled. The last reason the EOC Institute gives is that “Meditation can bring a normal life to a bipolar sufferer” (5 Ways, n.d.). If a patient continuously practices meditation on a daily basis, it will eventually become a habitual practice. The patient’s mind will automatically change from depression and mania to inner peace as a result of meditation. At the current time, meditation may be the cheapest and
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