Essay about Bipolar Disorder and Zaps Bipolar Experiment

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I chose the Zaps Bipolar experiment because my dad has Bipolar disorder. I've seen first hand how Bipolar disorder intervenes in a person's life and affects their mood. I've also learned how to recognize the symptoms typical of a manic phase and depressive episode. The purpose of this experiment is just that: to explain the typical symptoms of a manic episode and a depressive episode, and the most salient differences between the two. In addition, the experiment aims to introduce two patients with different mood disorders; one with bipolar disorder, one with depression, in order to identify and contrast the two disorders. I was first introduced to Del, a 55-year-old man diagnosed with a mood disorder. The experiment began with a video of …show more content…

The next part of the experiment was to identify which disorder Del suffered from, which I deduced was Bipolar disorder (as was explained in the intro). It was explained that since Del suffers from both manic and depressive episodes, the answer is Bipolar disorder since depression only includes depressive episodes, while Bipolar disorder includes depressive and manic episodes. Next in the experiment, I was given 4 graphs and asked to pick which represented the best schematic representation of both symptoms of manic and depressive episodes and the transition between them. I chose graph four, which represented the episodes by a straight line (the midpoint) and even curves varying between both sections, not in a sudden decline to either plane, but a slower transition. On the next part of the experiment, it was explained that Lithium is typically used to treat bipolar disorder and I was asked to answer why anti-depressants are not typically used to treat bipolar disorder, while they are used to treat depression. Anti-depressants are not typically used because if the patient is having a depressive episode, taking an anti-depressant can lead to a manic phase. Next in the experiment, I was given a schematic representation of Bipolar disorder and asked to manipulate the arrows on the graph to indicate what kind of effect Lithium has on depressive and manic episodes. I manipulated the arrows to move the line to create a straight line between graph

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