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Bipolar Disorder effect a vast majority of society; unfortunately, a large number of people are unaware that they are Bipolar. They simple think that it is just the ups and downs of everyday life. There is also a number of people who have been misdiagnosed with Bipolar Disorder who are not and are being treat for a disease they do not have. Most likely they have some other disorder but the doctor did not take the time to accurately diagnose their patient. For instance, my grandmother on my father’s side has been diagnosed with Bipolar. Previous to this research paper the only knowledge I had of Bipolar was that Bipolar patients suffer from horrible mood swings. So I decided to do my research on Bipolar so I could understand my grandmother better. Shockingly, I came to the conclusion that there is a good chance my grandmother has been misdiagnosed.
To better understand my grandmother I wanted to first understand the basic of bipolar. What is Bipolar Disorder? Is there a test to determine if a person is Bipolar? Is Bipolar Disorder hereditary? What age does Bipolar Disorder start to appear? What are the characteristics and behavior of a Bipolar person?
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) states that mania is one of the key elements of Bipolar without it, it would be considered depressive disorder. Depending on the duration, pattern of manic and depressive episodes will determine the type of Bipolar Disorder. For those who experience mania and…

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