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David Dunmore III 03/12/12

What is Bipolar, bipolar is a serious mental illness that cause extreme changes in people mood swings for example you could be on a trip to Disney land and your enjoying the rides but mid way through the trip you loose all interest and fun and all of a sudden become distant and aggressive and your facial expression completely changes and your thoughts switch as if your in an environment you don’t want to be in so your actions of escape take over and your behavior crush’s relationships and can also cost you or a friend there careers.

Bipolar disorder is very dangerous disorder so watch for symptoms/signs one of the most common symptoms is a dramatic or unpredictable
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If you have a demanding career and your constantly stress you most likely to obtain a stroke or heart attack but among those deadly killers lies bipolar which I this day in era I would be happy to settle with bipolar but to be lucky and not contract neither is just perfect because it’s a real hassle trying to support your self alone when you have a disease that is a silent assassin. The other causes of bipolar comes from alcohol or drug abuse which can make bipolar a very difficult disorder to control and treat do to the patients memory play back they might be very aggressive and see everything as a threat so they shut the world out and only relying on themselves cause they cant trust others. This disorder might not have a direct origin but due our 2012 technology we have treatments that reduce the episodes that create self isolation. Substance abuse treatment is for patients who got diagnosed through abuse of drugs or alcohol, there are medications for every disease the meds that stabilize bipolar patients through there highs and lows is called mood stabilizers or Lithium which is its natural name, doctors extremely recommend that people must be seen to get meds to slow the episodes and not be on any other drugs because it could cause extreme negative effects and could enhance the bipolar disorder becoming masquerade as a depression that is unresponsive to the usual treatment, with treatment bipolar , many suicide deaths and violent behaviors occur that

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