Bipolar Mental Health

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There are many concerns when it comes to the mental health of individuals throughout the world. Mental health problems can manifest in a variety of different ways and range in severity from attention deficits to hallucinations. One of the most severe forms of disorders that can affect an individual is bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a brain disorder that presents a wide variety of different symptoms that affect the ability of an individual to live a complete and satisfied life. By examining the overall prevalence of the ailment, its symptoms, and the forms of treatments available, a more complete understanding of bipolar disease can emerge. The first aspect of bipolar disease that is important to investigate is the overall prevalence…show more content…
First, the individuals who are tested for bipolar disorder are typically those who are over the age of 18, meaning that a large amount of people who have bipolar disorder are not actually diagnosed, or their information has not been aggregated. Therefore, the actual total number of people who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder could very well reach higher to an estimated five percent of the population (Van Meter, Moreira, Youngstrom, 2011, p. 1254). The overall ailment typically manifests before the age of 25, and then an individual begins experiencing a variety of symptoms that make one’s mental health difficult to…show more content…
The concept behind a depressive episode is that it is a period time that an individual experiences insomnia, depression that affects everyday life, recurrent thoughts of suicide, extreme fatigue, and many others (Bipolar Disorder, 2013). These symptoms often promote suicide in patients who suffer from bipolar disorder, but have to be considered alongside the manic symptoms that are present. Specifically, individuals must experience a major depressive episode and a manic episode in near succession. Yet, there are specific criteria for the different forms of bipolar disorder that necessitate
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